Craps is one of the most exciting games that you can find people playing in casinos. At the same time, craps is one of the games that is hated by the professional gaming community. Craps is one of the oldest gamblers that used to take place on the streets. It found a place in the casinos only after its growing popularity among quick gamblers. There are many things about craps that make it an interesting game. However, it may not be the best game for you to play. Here are the reasons why craps may not be the best game choice for you.

You do not want to throw the dices


Craps is a game where multiple people bet on the games while one among them gets to throw the dice. Several players do not feel like throwing the dice for unknown reasons. The only people who truly should play crap are the ones who are interested in throwing the dice. It gives a sense of involvement in the game. While you can play the game without throwing the dice, why give away the only opportunity to play?

You do not like to socialize

Craps is a game of teamwork and involvement. You will need to interact with other players and plan to win together. If you are not up for it, then crap is not for you. You will have people cheering and yelling all around you. Craps can sometimes be the noisiest table you can play at. You will also have to work your plan with others. Some players may not like this type of interaction with others when they want to relax alone.

You want big returns

If you are planning to win a great fortune in one night, craps are not the best choice for you. Craps can offer decent returns if you stick to its basic strategy. Most players like to keep changing their betting options. It can eat their bankroll quickly if they make the mistake of changing their bets right before it can win them a hand. Another problem with craps is that the best option to win the game does not offer the casino’s best returns. You can easily find games that can offer you more than crap.

You want to play online

If you plan on gambling online, then craps are not the first game anyone would recommend you to play. It can get extremely boring to play craps online. It is less exciting than slot machines, and you also do not have any social interaction with other players. Most craps games that are available online do not even have real live players with you. Instead, you can pick games like poker and slot machines that allow some kind of interaction and excitement during the game.

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