The most searched slot games online are the ones which have free spins. These games offer a guaranteed reward whether or not you win the game. The free spins offer a ton of advantages as chances to play more times than what you would pay for. Here are the ten slot games which offer the most free-spins in bonus games.

Samurai Split

Samurai split offers the maximum amount of spins in any slot games. It offers a 25 line payout with 480 possible free spins. The game has a Japanese warrior theme and additional wild symbols and scatters symbols. To unlock the free spins, you will have to land ‘Flag’ scatter symbol three times to unlock five free spins, four for eighty spins, and five for 480 spins.

Siberian Storm

Siberian storm provides 720 ways to win slots along with a good number of free spins. You can unlock as many as 240 spins if you get lucky. Initially in the game, if you land the ‘tiger eye’ 5 times, you will get 96 free spins. But during the free spins round, you will get a chance to land even more spins up to 240 spins.



Cleopatra is another major free spin game with 5-reel and 20-line which offers up to 180 spins. At first, you will get 15 free spins, but during the free spin rounds, you can add more spins to your account till the maximum number possible. Alongside free spins, Cleopatra offers other bonuses such as wild symbols, and multipliers to win bigger.

Fortunes of Sparta

Fortune of Sparta is five-reel gameplay with 25 lines which has a theme from the brutal era of Greece. It is a thrilling adventurous game which can offer up to 100 free spins. The game also has a high RTP which makes it one of the most beneficial games in the list. It is entertaining, and the free spins will guarantee a bonus reward for you.

Kronos Slot

Kronos slot is the also a 100 free spins slot game which has more chances of landing free spins than any other game. It is also one of the oldest slot games that is now available online and still attract players due to its high free spin offer. It has 20 lines and scatters symbols. If you landyourself five scatter symbols, you will be stacked with free spins.

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold

Rainbow Richie feels

This slot is another good game which offers up to 100 spins and guarantees a big payout in those free spins. During the game, you will also land a lot of wild symbols such as stacked wilds, wild bursts, and magic wilds. There are other multipliers in the game which can provide enough entertainment for long hours of gaming.



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