There are enough slot games to play that you can take a whole year playing one new slot game each day. You can try out your luck on any slot machine that may seem rewarding to you. There are plenty of beliefs among gamblers about using strategies in slot machines. The slots use random number generator so there is no way that a losing streak can promise a win. All the outcomes are unique and unrelated to the previous outcomes, which means the machine cannot warm up. However, some of the machines can be loose and provide better chances of winning. Here is how you can identify the loose slots to win a jackpot.

Finding the machine

There are two types of slots – random ones and progressive ones. The progressive slots have variable rewards which random outcome slot machines have fixed amounts. It is recommended that you always play on random outcome slots. Slots are further divided into subcategories based on their reels, features, and betting limits. There are fruit slots which are the simplest. The video slots can provide more than 20 lines. The penny slots can be played with pennies and offer 92-95% RTP but your chances of winning the really low. Dollar slots are played with a dollar or more and offer higher chances of winning. It is suggested that you further shortlist the dollar games which offer higher chances of winning.

Avoid bigger pay lines

The machines which have a higher number of pay lines means that the probability of combinations to win is also higher. But in most slots, you can bet on the pay lines rather than betting on the spin. So if you are playing on a 100 line slot with a minimum bet of 10 cents, then you will be paying 10 dollars per spin. This will cause you to spend more in each round. Instead, you can keep your pay lines to a maximum of 20 units while the pros prefer only nine lines.

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Choose your slots

You can visit real casinos to play slots, or you can check out the online games. While real casino games can provide you with an RTP of as low as 85%, most of the online games have 95% of RTP. It means that for every 100 your will be losing 15 in a real casino as compared to 5 in online casinos. It is hard to find a loose machine these days in real casinos, while online platforms are the best place.

Check the rates

Always remember to check the RTP before playing the games. Do not believe that all the online slots offer 95% RTP. These rates also do not determine your cost of winning, but they do determine how much you can lose. The games which have higher RTP pay more often as compared to others. Sometimes you can land yourself a machine with an RTP of 99%. While the slot machines do not reveal the RTP rate, you can determine it by playing for an hour and then calculate your winnings. If you did not win at all, the RTP of the game is too low.


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