You can expect the best hospitality and service when you are staying in a casino resort. There are five-star casino hotels and resorts worldwide that offer a luxury experience to the guests during their stay. Casino resorts are different from other resorts and may not even be available for booking on most of the travel websites. These resorts and hotels may only allow booking through their own website and only for the guests who will be playing at the casino. Although, these resorts also provide everything that any other resort can provide. It includes restaurants, swimming pools, spa centers, gym, local tour programs, and more. You can still have a good time staying in one of these casino resorts, even when you do not visit the casinos even once. Here is what you should know about casino resorts before you make a booking.

High security

Casino resorts have a higher level of security than other resorts and regular hotels. It is a necessity for them as they need to manage a much larger amount of liquid money. Casinos may have as much liquid money as a bank at one time. Any suspicious activities can be brought under investigation quickly. All issues that create problems for the casino inside the casino premises will be handled immediately. You will be assured of your safety but at the same time avoid creating any nuisance that can get you under their custody.


Tipping rules for casinos can differ from one place to another. While some casino resorts may allow the tips happily, others may have strict policies against tipping. When the resort does not allow tipping, all the prices from accommodation to activities will be included in what you pay for in the beginning or at the end. On the other hand, when the casino resorts allow tipping, it is suggested that you tip the dealers, waitresses, and room services as they make minimum wages. Tipping will help you get served better during your stay.


Gambling/drinking age

You must know about the gambling and drinking age in a casino resort before you make any plans to visit it. Most places have the minimum gambling and drinking age of 18, while some may also have 21 as the minimum age. You will be allowed to stay at the hotel if you are under 18, but you will need an ID to enter the gaming area.

Free rooms

Learn if the casino resort you are staying at offers free rooms to their guests. Some of the casino resorts allow their guests to stay for free when they spend big at the casinos. If you play at high stake tables or the VIP rooms at the casino, chances are you will be asked to stay in the casino resort for free. Sometimes, you will have to pay a minimum fee to stay in the luxury rooms. You can also enjoy free drinks, snacks, room service while playing the games.


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