Poker may seem like a fun and cheerful game as long as you are playing it with your friends before dinner. The poker pros may seem like the ones celebrating their big wins at the games, becoming filthy rich every day. Most people do not understand how difficult and frustrating the times can get for professional players when they lose everything they won even after working hard all day. As a poker pro describes it, it is the feeling of seeing all your hard work go in vain, nothing less than the stress level of an air traffic controller with an anxiety disorder. Here is the harsh truth about being a poker player that is hidden from the world.

Poker is a game of intelligence

Not many understand how complex poker can become in the later stages of the game. Most people think of poker as a cheap gamble that only destroys people’s lives. The poker pros generally do not get the respect they should for their profession. Most parents would not allow kids to quit their studies to become a poker pro when, in fact, poker can be studied in the same way as any Ph.D. degree. It takes hard work and intelligence to achieve a status of playing among poker pros.

$1000 holds no value

poker player

You will find a poker player devalue money like anything. This is another downside to being a poker player. While most people who earn money can save their money into their bank accounts, poker players have to work to convert that into a profit while betting large sums of money, making a small sum look insignificant. Poker pros lose the feeling of valuing small amounts of money. However, it does not mean that they do not know how to handle their money.

Poker players change their lifestyle

Another harsh truth is that one cannot be a professional poker player unless they can constantly make changes in their gaming style. The poker games keep changing, and before one may realize it, a certain game may start declining in terms of offering profits to the players. Players who are serious about keeping their profits alive need to keep learning new games instead of sticking to just one type of poker. It helps them switch between the games when one is low, and the other is high.

Most players never reach their best

Every poker player has a best, which they also called their “ceiling” that they can reach a max. No matter how they play, they can never cross their ceiling. But in reality, most players do not even make it to their ceiling. If a player is not working as hard as the other player to attain their best, they will be the ones left behind. Most players who fail to reach their ceiling in a planned time leave the game forever. It does not mean that they failed to make profits, but the calculation they made to make the most fails for them.


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