The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the gambling industry, including online casinos. Casino operators have had to make several adjustments to cope with the effects of this global pandemic. That is more the case for sportsbooks. Nearly all major sporting events across the world have been suspended, which has left sportsbooks with minimal options to offer to bettors.

Despite all that, some operators report a significant increase in the number of players. That is mainly because the online casinos shifted focus to slots and virtual games. They offer a lot more than an opportunity to win money, providing players with lots of entertainment, which people from all over the world are looking for during the quarantine period. Some of the other top reasons international online casinos have recorded an increase in the number of players are highlighted below.

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Why Online Gambling Has Been Rising in Popularity During the Pandemic

  • Increased Marketing

To increase the number of players, international operators embarked on intensive marketing using nearly all available channels. That included social media, newspapers, television, text messages, and emails, among many others. Notwithstanding, cash bonuses, free spins, and other playing incentives, have a profound impact on making online casinos popular.

Before the coronavirus era, individuals who were yet to explore the peculiarities of online casino gaming were not aware of what the casinos have to offer and now have a positive perspective of the entire gambling industry. With increased awareness comes increased popularity.

  • Closure of Land-Based Casinos

A majority of the brick and mortar casinos across the world have been closed as a way of curbing the spread of Coronavirus. Most of the gamers who were used to visiting the casinos are left with no other option than to try online gaming to get their satisfaction. As a result, most of the online casinos have upgraded their games to the point that they offer a user experience that is just as good as a land-based casino provides, while still having all the conveniences of online gaming.

  • Addiction

As mentioned earlier, slots and virtual games offer a lot more dynamics than sports betting. That means that they have higher addiction rates. The increased addiction rates, combined with increased free time due to quarantining, leads to increased traffic to the online casinos.

  • Introduction of New Games

The online game developers have also been quite busy in a bid to take advantage of the situation. They have come up with new casino games that are more attractive and entertaining, which helps to capture the interest of more people. With a wider variety of games, the international operators attract more players as everyone can find something they like.

  • Loss of Income

Unfortunately, people have lost jobs and other sources of income due to the pandemic. That means that they are experiencing financial constraints and are looking for alternative ways of making money. Gambling is among the easiest and fastest ways of making money, even though it comes with very high risks. There are chances of making high sums of money from minimal stakes, which is very attractive to anyone with financial problems. Many people are thus joining online gaming, with the only intention being to make money.

How the Pandemic Has Affected Other Forms of Entertainment

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The global pandemic has left a significant dent on nearly all other forms of entertainment as well, in both positive and negative ways. A few examples are highlighted below.

Movies and TV Shows

Typically, movies are released in theaters before they can be available online. With the pandemic, there have been numerous movies released online, as all the major movie theaters across the globe have been shut temporarily to control the spread of the virus. There have also been release delays for numerous movies, especially the high-budget films. Some of the movies have even gone to extremes, such as halting production.

Most of the TV shows are still going on as usual except for some that involve live audiences or public filming. Talk shows, for example, are taping without the live audience, which gives them a different feel. Overall, there are still more than enough released movies and TV shows to keep everyone entertained as they quarantine in their homes.


Most of the major concerts and music events have either been canceled or postponed. There are also no open nightclubs where people can go to listen and dance to music together. However, most of the artists have found creative ways of entertaining their fans while at home. A good example is through the live online shows where fans can tune in from their homes. Most of the artists are also still releasing new music online to keep fans entertained.


As mentioned earlier, most sporting events have been canceled all across the world. That means that sports fans cannot attend any sporting event yet. Even those that are still ongoing in some places, such as horseracing, fans are still not allowed to attend the events. However, people can follow them live online or on TV.

Other Forms of Entertainment

Live comedy shows, circuses, street performances, magic shows, parades, and fairs, are just a few of the other forms of entertainment that have been disrupted by the pandemic. In a few places, things are starting to get back to normal regarding such forms of entertainment, but with numerous precautions taken, including constant sanitization and social distancing.

Final Thoughts

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Coronavirus has dealt a blow to the entire entertainment industry. However, the response from the stakeholders over the last few months of the pandemic has been quite impressive. They have put in all their efforts to try to keep entertainment normalized to all who need it. For online casinos, in particular, people get a lot more than just gaming entertainment. It offers an opportunity to make money, especially for those who know how to gamble responsibly. With the way everything is going, there is talk that things might never go back to precisely the way they were before the pandemic. However, that does not mean that the entertainment industry will not thrive.


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