If you have seen several casino platforms online offering real money games to the players and developing a card game of your own, it is time to start earning from it. Creating a game takes a lot of time and effort. Every game developer needs the right recognition for their hard work for making a perfect game. If you have a card game on the app store that is free to play, but when you are thinking of earning from it, here are the ways you can make it possible.

Use banner ads

Banner ads appear on the screen in the middle of the games. It can be slightly annoying to the gamers, but it is easy to put banner ads in your game. Banner ads do not earn you much, but if you have a large gaming community, they can do well. Make your decision carefully while choosing banner ads.


Interstitials ads are similar to banner ads, but they will only appear when the gamer is not between the games. It generally appears after a gamer finishes a level. These ads can be in video format and longer than banner ads. They can earn more revenue through the advertiser. Know where you can place these ads to avoid annoying the users.

More game options

You can also create a separate page that the gamers can visit while they are playing your game. These pages can be used for putting links to other games that your users can play. There are developers who will pay you to host their games. At the same time, avoid making

Icon drop

Icon drop is another android feature that you can install in your app. It will send push messages to the user through your app. You can share the links to other apps using this feature. You can get paid for every game that you feature on your app’s icon drop.

In-app purchases

You can create special rewards such as gifts, skins, themes, etc., for the players that they can purchase. This is a genuine approach that many gamers like. Users are more likely to pay for the in-app purchases as they know it will help you while also receiving something in return from you.gamers

Offer a premium version

You can promote a free version of your app on the app stores that users can download to learn about your game. With a premium version, you can allow your users to unlock the features that are not available in the free version. The free version will allow the games to experience how good your game is. When they like playing it, they will be willing to pay for the full version.

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