Poker tournaments are growing in popularity around the globe among gambling enthusiasts and even those who do not gamble with real money but still like the game. Every day the pros work on building their skill level in order to perform well in the upcoming tournaments. If you are one of the dedicated beginners who are planning to participate in poker tournaments for the first time, you must learn these essentials that a pro would also suggest.

Poker tournaments

Play correct starting hands

Entering a poker tournament can be exciting, and you may not have the patience to wait until you play at big tables. While the opening ranges may seem achievable and dragging, it is important that you play them correctly. Wide openers that open too wide are at a range disadvantage. The pressure of continuing the hand post-flop can get bad.

Be aware of the stack size

Knowing the stack size at the table will help you throughout the tournament. If there are multiple short stacks yet to act after you, it can become difficult to land a successful flop. The short stack players will often go all-in for an all or nothing situation. This can make betting difficult. Aggressive players will also cause the same problem. Learn to anticipate how the opponent will utilize their stack and build your strategies accordingly.

Avoid overplaying in the early stages

When the stack goes deep, a less willing player has a high chance of going all in. No professional go all-in during the early stages as it is a crucial part for them to get qualified. Stay Smart, and do not risk your stack for a promising but weak hand. Instead of raising, stick to calling whenever you get a good hand. It will help you continue the game for a long time.

Be continuously aggressive

If you are planning to play aggressively, you should know how long you will have to do it before calling it off. For every good hand, you can be aggressive on your opponents with raises. This will quickly eliminate the timid players from the table. While playing aggressively, you do not have to continue playing the bets after the flop. Play when you are confident and do not let other catch up to your bluff.

Know ICM

Independent Chip Model (ICM) is a model used by pros in the final rounds. Unlike the cash games, the chip values can constantly vary through the games. ICM strategy can allow players to change their strategies. Changing chip values require players to adjust their blinds accordingly. Failing to do so, the players can easily find themselves going all-in in the early stages. It is important to learn about ICM before taking part in poker tournaments.


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