Slots have existed since a long, long time and gamblers have spent hours playing it whether they won or not. To a kid, the slot might seem like the most boring game ever made, but for the gamblers, it is a game of hopes and chances which they cannot resist. Video slots have grown more popular over time, and online websites have emerged all around the world offering thousands of slot games with a new slot game releasing every month. Clash of the titans is one such video slot game which gained popularity in the past decade due to the movie that came out in 2010. But many may not know that the original Clash of the Titans movie 1981 was the inspiration behind the original slot game which was based on Greek mythology.

About the game

The Clash of the Titans is a five-reel video slot game which has twenty pay lines. The previous Clash of the Titans slot game has stills from the original movie while the new video slot has the high-quality stills from the new movie.

the game

The symbols in the game have a lower value playing card icons, the characters from the movie, and the monsters which they have to defeat. There is also a bonus feature which is triggered either when a wild card arrives, or the Clash of Titans logo gets displayed, which triggers the free spins.

Here are the bonus features in the game which provide bigger multipliers and more chances.

Free Spins

This slot game offers 12 different free spins which you can land when you can trigger three or more Clash of the Titans scatter symbols on the reels.  Getting this bonus multiple times can provide an entertaining hour of free spins and more chances of winning. Also, during these free spins, the wins will get a triple multiplier which will award better wins during this session. Along with that, you will also have a chance to unlock the Pick and Win feature.

Pick and Win

In this hidden game, you will need to choose one of the symbols displayed on the screen to win a prize. You can unlock this game by playing free spins and if you land Perseus on the reels one and five. Apart from winning the prizes, you can also get lucky and get a chance to pick again.

The tip

The tip

You do not have to play every pay line for activating the bonus feature as you can trigger them both by scatter symbol. However, you will have chances of winning more money if you do so. So it is your call on what you want to do.

Other features

There is also sweet, dramatic music which plays in the background of the main game as well as the sub-games. The graphics are pretty nice when you hit a combo, and the animations can seem nice too if you are having a good time winning.


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