Slot games are now easily accessible on our mobile phones. They are convenient to play from anywhere we want and also offer the same feel of the real video slot games. While there are plenty of slot games online, there aren’t many slots which are bug-free which fail to provide smooth gameplay to the players. Which is why we have listed the best games for Android (these games do not offer real money wins but may have in-app purchases).

Zynga Slots

Zynga offers almost all the casino games, including slot machines. They provide a very unique and colourful theme which offers slot games as well as other table games. There are several sub-games inside the slot games that you can enjoy.

Games for android


Super Lucky Casino

This online casino offers plenty of casino games, including slots. Every slot game has daily prizes and bonuses. There are also tournament modes and leaderboards in the games which lets you be competitive with other players.

Rocket Speed Casino Slots

Rocket Speed provides plenty of slot games including classic themed slots. There are also different themes based on cartoons, movies, and personalities. Most of the slots on this app does not require internet connection.

Playtika Slots Games

Playtika offers a couple of good slot games on Google Play. Their most famous app is the World Series of Poker app. The slots games are also good to play. However, they are not as popular as their poker app yet. All three slot apps use the same mechanic with a change in the theme.

Playtika slots

Pharaoh’s Way Slots

Pharaoh’s Way slot game is one of the most popular slot games on Android. The developers revealed that over ten trillion games had been played. The app features a variety of slot games, including five reel and three reels. The only problem with the game is that it does not have could saving.


HUUUGE global is a platform which offers all <rel=”nofollow”a href=””>type of casino games. There are free to play slot games which have similar mechanics. Most of the games require in-game currency to play which you can earn by winning and with daily bonuses. This app provides plenty of slot games so you can pick your favourite ones.

Hana Slot Games

Hana is a game development company which has created many slot games for Android. These games offer different themes from the Greek era to the Egyptian period. There are several cartoon-themed games as well, including Aladdin. Be careful with the in-app purchases as the games can cost a lot and payout less. The games are well suited for players who do not want to play slots for the long term and want to try out all kinds of slot games at once.


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