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How Does a Poker Player Become Successful

Poker pros are not so different from other gamblers in terms of their love for the game. However, everything else about them is completely different from the rest of the gamblers. While a large group of people develops their interest in learning about poker, only a few of them are able to give their time and dedication to it. Those who want to learn everything about poker in one day will never make it in poker. Poker may seem like an easy game to learn, but mastering it can take years. Without the right discipline and will to take the game seriously, one cannot expect to sit with the pros and expect to win. Here is how one becomes a poker player.

Find your motivation

It is difficult to understand why you want to play poker. If your only motivation is to win money, you will get disappointed really soon. It will take time for you to make your first significant win if you play to learn the game. Most people look at pros making money but forget to look at the hard work that has been going on in the back of that one big win. Identify the purpose of gaming and find out whether you have enough time to take this seriously.

Avoid playing when stressed

Poker Player

You do not have to keep playing in order to win. Playing for long will not give you any achievement. You Just have to learn from every game you play. Although it is important to play in order to create your analysis, you cannot expect to learn from the game if you do not have enough hours playing it. At the same time, avoid forcing yourself to play when you are not ready, or your mind is clouded with other things.

Control your emotions

Another quality that the pros possess is control over their emotions. Your emotions can make poor decisions for yourself, which can lead to a big disaster. As a poker player, one must learn how to keep a clear and rational head. Although you may face tilt during the games initially, it is something you will have to learn to control.

Money management

Money management is not just necessary in poker but an art that you need to master. It is among the essential skills of a poker pro. Most players fail to keep up their long term gaming career because of poor money management. Some players also hire a financial advisor to help them manage the money. If you do not have a sufficient bankroll despite your daily games, you should wait until you have enough savings. The pros only use 3-5% of their entire bankroll to take part in games. If necessary, keep your playing account different from the one for your bills and other expenses.

How to Host Your Own Casino Night

There are casino operators that provide a service where you can host a casino night on special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, and community events. Casino nights are a great idea for anyone looking to provide fun games to adults while also planning a fundraiser. It can be a great way for corporates to host a fun casino event to raise funds for a cause. If you are planning a casino night, here is what you need to plan.

casino event

Set a budget

The first thing to do is plan your money for every aspect of hosting a casino night. Start planning early. You will need plenty of time to address each factor, from snacks to the distribution of funds. Setting a budget will help you plan what you can incorporate in the event. Take the help of your friends or colleagues to cover everything that you can afford for your casino night.

Hire dealers

If you want to provide an authentic casino experience, you need professional dealers handling your gaming tables. The casino operators provide services where they also send dealers and waitresses to provide an authentic casino experience. Professional dealers will be able to manage tables better while everyone in the party can enjoy themselves rather than taking any responsibility for dealing at the tables.

Rent the gaming equipment

Find out how much the gaming equipment will cost you for a single night. You can plan how many tables you want based on your budget. Games like poker, blackjack, and roulette are the most loved among people. It is highly unlikely that anyone would want to play slot machines in such gathering events. Invest in quality gaming equipment to provide an authentic atmosphere to your guests.

Set a theme

You can also set a theme for the party. You can decorate the entire space like a real casino gaming floor and hire waitresses to serve the guests. Setting a bar and a performance area will also add to the charm. You can take ideas from the casino service providers based on what they can do and how much you can afford.


Host a fundraiser

Most corporates and communities host casino nights to raise funds for a certain cause. You too can do the same in order to collect money for something that you want to do urgently. You can help a local charity or raise funds for the development of your locality. You can charge people for tickets to the event or asking the guests to buy their chips by paying a little extra for the funds. You can also offer prizes to the winners instead of real money. However, it is not necessary that you raise funds in order to host a casino night. You can do it simply to entertain your guests as you invite them for something bigger, like a wedding.

How to Make Money from Your Own Card Game

If you have seen several casino platforms online offering real money games to the players and developing a card game of your own, it is time to start earning from it. Creating a game takes a lot of time and effort. Every game developer needs the right recognition for their hard work for making a perfect game. If you have a card game on the app store that is free to play, but when you are thinking of earning from it, here are the ways you can make it possible.

Use banner ads

Banner ads appear on the screen in the middle of the games. It can be slightly annoying to the gamers, but it is easy to put banner ads in your game. Banner ads do not earn you much, but if you have a large gaming community, they can do well. Make your decision carefully while choosing banner ads.


Interstitials ads are similar to banner ads, but they will only appear when the gamer is not between the games. It generally appears after a gamer finishes a level. These ads can be in video format and longer than banner ads. They can earn more revenue through the advertiser. Know where you can place these ads to avoid annoying the users.

More game options

You can also create a separate page that the gamers can visit while they are playing your game. These pages can be used for putting links to other games that your users can play. There are developers who will pay you to host their games. At the same time, avoid making

Icon drop

Icon drop is another android feature that you can install in your app. It will send push messages to the user through your app. You can share the links to other apps using this feature. You can get paid for every game that you feature on your app’s icon drop.

In-app purchases

You can create special rewards such as gifts, skins, themes, etc., for the players that they can purchase. This is a genuine approach that many gamers like. Users are more likely to pay for the in-app purchases as they know it will help you while also receiving something in return from you.gamers

Offer a premium version

You can promote a free version of your app on the app stores that users can download to learn about your game. With a premium version, you can allow your users to unlock the features that are not available in the free version. The free version will allow the games to experience how good your game is. When they like playing it, they will be willing to pay for the full version.

The Harsh Truth About Being a Poker Player

Poker may seem like a fun and cheerful game as long as you are playing it with your friends before dinner. The poker pros may seem like the ones celebrating their big wins at the games, becoming filthy rich every day. Most people do not understand how difficult and frustrating the times can get for professional players when they lose everything they won even after working hard all day. As a poker pro describes it, it is the feeling of seeing all your hard work go in vain, nothing less than the stress level of an air traffic controller with an anxiety disorder. Here is the harsh truth about being a poker player that is hidden from the world.

Poker is a game of intelligence

Not many understand how complex poker can become in the later stages of the game. Most people think of poker as a cheap gamble that only destroys people’s lives. The poker pros generally do not get the respect they should for their profession. Most parents would not allow kids to quit their studies to become a poker pro when, in fact, poker can be studied in the same way as any Ph.D. degree. It takes hard work and intelligence to achieve a status of playing among poker pros.

$1000 holds no value

poker player

You will find a poker player devalue money like anything. This is another downside to being a poker player. While most people who earn money can save their money into their bank accounts, poker players have to work to convert that into a profit while betting large sums of money, making a small sum look insignificant. Poker pros lose the feeling of valuing small amounts of money. However, it does not mean that they do not know how to handle their money.

Poker players change their lifestyle

Another harsh truth is that one cannot be a professional poker player unless they can constantly make changes in their gaming style. The poker games keep changing, and before one may realize it, a certain game may start declining in terms of offering profits to the players. Players who are serious about keeping their profits alive need to keep learning new games instead of sticking to just one type of poker. It helps them switch between the games when one is low, and the other is high.

Most players never reach their best

Every poker player has a best, which they also called their “ceiling” that they can reach a max. No matter how they play, they can never cross their ceiling. But in reality, most players do not even make it to their ceiling. If a player is not working as hard as the other player to attain their best, they will be the ones left behind. Most players who fail to reach their ceiling in a planned time leave the game forever. It does not mean that they failed to make profits, but the calculation they made to make the most fails for them.


Why Craps is Not the Game for You

Craps is one of the most exciting games that you can find people playing in casinos. At the same time, craps is one of the games that is hated by the professional gaming community. Craps is one of the oldest gamblers that used to take place on the streets. It found a place in the casinos only after its growing popularity among quick gamblers. There are many things about craps that make it an interesting game. However, it may not be the best game for you to play. Here are the reasons why craps may not be the best game choice for you.

You do not want to throw the dices


Craps is a game where multiple people bet on the games while one among them gets to throw the dice. Several players do not feel like throwing the dice for unknown reasons. The only people who truly should play crap are the ones who are interested in throwing the dice. It gives a sense of involvement in the game. While you can play the game without throwing the dice, why give away the only opportunity to play?

You do not like to socialize

Craps is a game of teamwork and involvement. You will need to interact with other players and plan to win together. If you are not up for it, then crap is not for you. You will have people cheering and yelling all around you. Craps can sometimes be the noisiest table you can play at. You will also have to work your plan with others. Some players may not like this type of interaction with others when they want to relax alone.

You want big returns

If you are planning to win a great fortune in one night, craps are not the best choice for you. Craps can offer decent returns if you stick to its basic strategy. Most players like to keep changing their betting options. It can eat their bankroll quickly if they make the mistake of changing their bets right before it can win them a hand. Another problem with craps is that the best option to win the game does not offer the casino’s best returns. You can easily find games that can offer you more than crap.

You want to play online

If you plan on gambling online, then craps are not the first game anyone would recommend you to play. It can get extremely boring to play craps online. It is less exciting than slot machines, and you also do not have any social interaction with other players. Most craps games that are available online do not even have real live players with you. Instead, you can pick games like poker and slot machines that allow some kind of interaction and excitement during the game.

What Makes Online Casinos Better

There are thousands of online casino platforms available on the internet today. The gamers can have a hard time finding a casino that can provide them the best gaming experience according to their requirements. While some platforms can be good for playing slot games, others can be good for poker. Despite the choice of games players looks for, they expect the platform to live up to their name. There are several factors that make an online casino better than other platforms.

casino platforms


The top online casinos hire the best UX developers to provide the highest quality gaming experience they can provide to their gaming community. They work the most on their game design so that it can make a good first impression on the new gamers. If the platform is made out of the ordinary, it will automatically urge the players to explore more. A good user experience should include fast loading speed, noticeable action buttons, interactive widgets and feature buttons, and a promising registration process.

Game variety

A good casino platform should be able to provide enough games to satisfy a larger group of audience. Everyone will not like a single game. The platform should have games based on different preferences. More variety will allow games to stay on the platform for more time, while lesser games will get them bored quickly.

Payment options

When gamers connect to the platform from around the world, they should have enough payment options to pick a safe method for themselves without complicating the payments. Lack of payment methods will quickly chase away a new gamer who does not find a suitable payment option for themself. More payment options will automatically bring more deposits.

Easy withdrawals

A large group of gamers is unhappy with many online casino platforms because of the delay in withdrawals. They face problems in taking their money out, which makes them avoid the deposits next time. The best platforms are offering withdrawals in less than 15 minutes today. Once the profiles have been verified, the platforms should not take more time to dispatch the money.

Customer support

Every business needs a customer support service that can solve problems for people quickly. Friendly and effective customer support will ensure that the customers are happy and satisfied. Live chat support is the best method to connect with the customers with queries. A quick reply will leave a good image for the platform in the eyes of the customer.

Bonuses and promotions

Bonuses and promotions

Due to the competitiveness of online casino platforms, any platform needs to provide bonuses and promotions to its gamers. If people do not receive satisfactory bonuses, they will start looking for platforms that offer them plenty. Bonuses allow players to play the games for longer. It not only makes them feel valued but also allows them to explore more games for free.

Top 8 Poker Players by Winnings

Poker players have become rich earning from the tournaments that happen worldwide. While some players use poker as a way to earn extra money, others have it as their primary source of income. Here is a list of ten poker players based on their total earnings from poker.

Justin Bonomo

Justin Bonomo was one of the youngest poker pros at the age of 16 when he turned $500 into $10,000 at Paradise Poker. Ever since then, Justin Bonomo has won over 20 events to make a total of over $44,000,000.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu has a huge fan following in poker because of his amazing brain-at-work while playing poker. He has been named the decade’s player by the Global Poker Index from 2004 to 2013. Today, he stands with around $40,000,000  with seven big games of $1 million wins.

Erik Seidel

Erik Seidel is one of the most experienced poker players who made a name for himself in the 1988 WSOP Main Event. His knockout round became something to talk about and was also imitated in the movie ‘Rounders.’ Erik has a net worth of around $35,000,000.

Fedor Holz

Fedor Holz is another young player who rose to fame with a $111,111 win in the 2016 No-Limit Hold’em for One Drop. Since then, he has been winning at the tournaments taking back huge sums of money, making himself stand at number four in our list with over $32,500,000.

David Peters

David Peters has become an online sensation after he planned to switch in 2003. He has made a successful career in poker while winning over $1 million for nine times in different tournaments. He has a total of 50 cash finishes, always making it to the final-8 tables. His net winnings are around $30,000,000.

Daniel Colman

Daniel Colman is known for winning several tournaments in his career, including the Big One for One Drop in 2014 WSOP. He has the record for the second-largest payout ($15,306,668) in the history of poker tournaments, bringing him to this list. His total winnings stand at $29,000,000.

Antonio Esfandiari

Antonio Esfandiari has been playing poker for a long time now become a classic player. He has made six-figure sums every year after 2004 to become a successful career role model for poker enthusiasts. Antonio is also known for the biggest win in poker with $18 at the Big One for One Drop. Today his net winnings are close to $28,000,000. 

Antonio Esfandiari

Bryn Kenney

Bryn Kenney was originally a Magic the Gathering player but transformed into a poker player in 2007. In his ten years of career, he managed to win his first WSOP bracelet in 2017. His recent win was the 20121 Aussie Millions Main Event. His net winnings today stand at over $27,000,000.

Top 5 Casino Resorts To Visit

If you are searching for an exotic holiday destination that can provide you comfort, luxury, and entertainment at the same time, casino resorts can be your top pick. Casino resorts around the world are popular among luxury travelers who like spending time in a resort that can provide everything from quality accommodation to food, shopping, local tours, spa, amphitheater, while they can also enjoy casino games. Here are the most popular casino resorts among people that you can check out for your next expedition.

luxury travelers

The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, China

This 39 story hotel located on the Cotai Strop is inspired by its elder sister, the Venetian Las Vegas. Today, it stands as the largest casino globally and the largest single structure hotel in Asia. The casino has 6000 slot machines and 800 gaming tables. One who is looking for a luxury experience cannot miss out on this living large casino resort.

Resort World Sentosa, Singapore

If you like a more nature-friendly and grounded luxury experience, you can visit the Resort World Sentosa, located on Singapore’s Sentosa Island. The resort has its own integrated resort casino along with six hotels, a water park, a Universal Studios theme park, and a Marine Life Park that has the biggest oceanarium in the world.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

The top pick for the best casino in Vegas remains the Caesars Palace for more gambling enthusiasts. It is a brand that has become a luxury icon due to several historical events ever since it opened half a century ago. The hotel accommodates a massive 166,000 square feet of gaming area. The entire hotel is designed to imitate Ancient Rome that many other casinos have later imitated in Vegas.

Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa

If you want to enjoy a safari in South Africa, you can plan to visit the Sun City Casino Resort that is located in the middle of bushes in the North West province of South Africa. Sun City Casino first opened in 1979. Sun City was a popular choice for local and international gamblers ever since it opened up, which allowed it to grow into a resort. Today the resort offers a complete casino experience with a local safari for its guests.

Sun City Casino Resort

Ibiza Gran Hotel, Spain

Ibiza holds the reputation of offering nightlife to tourists as they have never seen anywhere else. You can visit clubs around the city and find people enjoying themselves till the dawn. Ibiza Gran Hotel offers a similar celebrative environment to the guests where they can play authentic casino games in a unique style. You can request a table to play with your friends or grab a chair and take it to any table to join the game. Ibiza Gran Hotel is a five-star property that overlooks the Old Town and the Mediterranean Sea.


Things to Know Before Staying in a Casino Resort

You can expect the best hospitality and service when you are staying in a casino resort. There are five-star casino hotels and resorts worldwide that offer a luxury experience to the guests during their stay. Casino resorts are different from other resorts and may not even be available for booking on most of the travel websites. These resorts and hotels may only allow booking through their own website and only for the guests who will be playing at the casino. Although, these resorts also provide everything that any other resort can provide. It includes restaurants, swimming pools, spa centers, gym, local tour programs, and more. You can still have a good time staying in one of these casino resorts, even when you do not visit the casinos even once. Here is what you should know about casino resorts before you make a booking.

High security

Casino resorts have a higher level of security than other resorts and regular hotels. It is a necessity for them as they need to manage a much larger amount of liquid money. Casinos may have as much liquid money as a bank at one time. Any suspicious activities can be brought under investigation quickly. All issues that create problems for the casino inside the casino premises will be handled immediately. You will be assured of your safety but at the same time avoid creating any nuisance that can get you under their custody.


Tipping rules for casinos can differ from one place to another. While some casino resorts may allow the tips happily, others may have strict policies against tipping. When the resort does not allow tipping, all the prices from accommodation to activities will be included in what you pay for in the beginning or at the end. On the other hand, when the casino resorts allow tipping, it is suggested that you tip the dealers, waitresses, and room services as they make minimum wages. Tipping will help you get served better during your stay.


Gambling/drinking age

You must know about the gambling and drinking age in a casino resort before you make any plans to visit it. Most places have the minimum gambling and drinking age of 18, while some may also have 21 as the minimum age. You will be allowed to stay at the hotel if you are under 18, but you will need an ID to enter the gaming area.

Free rooms

Learn if the casino resort you are staying at offers free rooms to their guests. Some of the casino resorts allow their guests to stay for free when they spend big at the casinos. If you play at high stake tables or the VIP rooms at the casino, chances are you will be asked to stay in the casino resort for free. Sometimes, you will have to pay a minimum fee to stay in the luxury rooms. You can also enjoy free drinks, snacks, room service while playing the games.

Online Gambling in the Era of Pandemics

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the gambling industry, including online casinos. Casino operators have had to make several adjustments to cope with the effects of this global pandemic. That is more the case for sportsbooks. Nearly all major sporting events across the world have been suspended, which has left sportsbooks with minimal options to offer to bettors.

Despite all that, some operators report a significant increase in the number of players. That is mainly because the online casinos shifted focus to slots and virtual games. They offer a lot more than an opportunity to win money, providing players with lots of entertainment, which people from all over the world are looking for during the quarantine period. Some of the other top reasons international online casinos have recorded an increase in the number of players are highlighted below.

online casino

Why Online Gambling Has Been Rising in Popularity During the Pandemic

  • Increased Marketing

To increase the number of players, international operators embarked on intensive marketing using nearly all available channels. That included social media, newspapers, television, text messages, and emails, among many others. Notwithstanding, cash bonuses, free spins, and other playing incentives, have a profound impact on making online casinos popular.

Before the coronavirus era, individuals who were yet to explore the peculiarities of online casino gaming were not aware of what the casinos have to offer and now have a positive perspective of the entire gambling industry. With increased awareness comes increased popularity.

  • Closure of Land-Based Casinos

A majority of the brick and mortar casinos across the world have been closed as a way of curbing the spread of Coronavirus. Most of the gamers who were used to visiting the casinos are left with no other option than to try online gaming to get their satisfaction. As a result, most of the online casinos have upgraded their games to the point that they offer a user experience that is just as good as a land-based casino provides, while still having all the conveniences of online gaming.

  • Addiction

As mentioned earlier, slots and virtual games offer a lot more dynamics than sports betting. That means that they have higher addiction rates. The increased addiction rates, combined with increased free time due to quarantining, leads to increased traffic to the online casinos.

  • Introduction of New Games

The online game developers have also been quite busy in a bid to take advantage of the situation. They have come up with new casino games that are more attractive and entertaining, which helps to capture the interest of more people. With a wider variety of games, the international operators attract more players as everyone can find something they like.

  • Loss of Income

Unfortunately, people have lost jobs and other sources of income due to the pandemic. That means that they are experiencing financial constraints and are looking for alternative ways of making money. Gambling is among the easiest and fastest ways of making money, even though it comes with very high risks. There are chances of making high sums of money from minimal stakes, which is very attractive to anyone with financial problems. Many people are thus joining online gaming, with the only intention being to make money.

How the Pandemic Has Affected Other Forms of Entertainment

baccarat table with dealer

The global pandemic has left a significant dent on nearly all other forms of entertainment as well, in both positive and negative ways. A few examples are highlighted below.

Movies and TV Shows

Typically, movies are released in theaters before they can be available online. With the pandemic, there have been numerous movies released online, as all the major movie theaters across the globe have been shut temporarily to control the spread of the virus. There have also been release delays for numerous movies, especially the high-budget films. Some of the movies have even gone to extremes, such as halting production.

Most of the TV shows are still going on as usual except for some that involve live audiences or public filming. Talk shows, for example, are taping without the live audience, which gives them a different feel. Overall, there are still more than enough released movies and TV shows to keep everyone entertained as they quarantine in their homes.


Most of the major concerts and music events have either been canceled or postponed. There are also no open nightclubs where people can go to listen and dance to music together. However, most of the artists have found creative ways of entertaining their fans while at home. A good example is through the live online shows where fans can tune in from their homes. Most of the artists are also still releasing new music online to keep fans entertained.


As mentioned earlier, most sporting events have been canceled all across the world. That means that sports fans cannot attend any sporting event yet. Even those that are still ongoing in some places, such as horseracing, fans are still not allowed to attend the events. However, people can follow them live online or on TV.

Other Forms of Entertainment

Live comedy shows, circuses, street performances, magic shows, parades, and fairs, are just a few of the other forms of entertainment that have been disrupted by the pandemic. In a few places, things are starting to get back to normal regarding such forms of entertainment, but with numerous precautions taken, including constant sanitization and social distancing.

Final Thoughts

casino random generator

Coronavirus has dealt a blow to the entire entertainment industry. However, the response from the stakeholders over the last few months of the pandemic has been quite impressive. They have put in all their efforts to try to keep entertainment normalized to all who need it. For online casinos, in particular, people get a lot more than just gaming entertainment. It offers an opportunity to make money, especially for those who know how to gamble responsibly. With the way everything is going, there is talk that things might never go back to precisely the way they were before the pandemic. However, that does not mean that the entertainment industry will not thrive.

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